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Keep butt discomfort at bay with these informational videos

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How To Use Preparation H

Discover step-by-step application guides for Preparation H’s most popular forms.

Easy to follow instructions on how to insert a Preparation H Suppository for day and nighttime relief from internal hemorrhoids.

Follow step-by-step instructions to help learn how to apply Preparation H with your finger to help relieve hemorrhoid symptoms.

Use these easy to follow instructions on how to apply Preparation H Multi-Symptom Cream using a dispensing cap for hemorrhoid relief.

Follow this video for tips on how to apply Preparation H Ointment using an applicator to relieve internal hemorrhoid symptoms.

Get Comfortable with Hemorrhoids

We’re putting hemorrhoids in the limelight: educating you on everything from what causes it, to symptoms, to treatment.

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Catching some rays, eating beignets, or performing in a local play...hemorrhoids want to spoil it all. But not with Preparations H's New Rapid Relief Spray with Lidocaine.

The best part of hemorrhoid pain is...nothing. Not one thing. Preparation H's New Rapid Relief Spray with Lidocaine puts that pain behind you.

Learn more about what hemorrhoids are, how common they are, and how to relieve symptom flare ups.

Discover ways to relieve butt irritation, like burning and itching, with a variety of solutions.

1 in 3 women will experience hemorrhoids as a result of pregnancy. Find out why and learn how to prevent or minimize symptoms.