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How Does Lidocaine Spray Work for Hemorrhoids?

Man about to sit on a chair with a cactus plant on it, symbolizing hemorrhoids pain

When you suffer from hemorrhoids – enflamed, swollen veins around the lower part of your rectum – you’re constantly searching for relief for your symptoms.1 While it may be comforting to know that hemorrhoids are common and you’re not alone in your discomfort, finding a way to manage common symptoms like pain and itching is vital.

There are a range of different medications and methods that are available to make hemorrhoid symptoms more manageable, one of which is lidocaine. Learn how this active ingredient can be used to help treat pain and itch associated with hemorrhoids.

What is Lidocaine and How Does it Work?

Lidocaine belongs to a family of medicines known as local anesthetics.2 It appears as a topical jelly, patch, powder, solution, or ointment that is used on different parts of the body to cause numbness.2 Lidocaine works by blocking the nerve endings in the skin from transmitting pain signals to the brain and can cause loss of feeling in the skin and surrounding tissues.2,3 Unlike general anesthetics, this medication is applied while someone is fully awake and does not cause the user to become unconscious .2

Lidocaine is commonly used to relieve pain and itching caused by a range of conditions like sunburn, insect bites, minor burns and poison ivy. It doesn’t fix the problem, but it can help with the itching and discomfort, which can make it helpful for those who are attempting to relieve their hemorrhoid symptoms or treat a flareup.4

How Can Lidocaine Help Hemorrhoids?

Since lidocaine is an anesthetic, it is commonly used to treat hemorrhoid symptoms.4 This can assist with pain and itching to make hemorrhoids more manageable.4 It’s typically applied a few times a day: first thing in the morning, after a bowel movement, and right before you go to bed at night.4

Lidocaine works quickly and most people who use it start to feel better within an hour.4 Another plus is that most users don’t experience any side effects, other than a slight burning feeling at first application. This usually subsides within a few minutes.4 One caution against continual use of lidocaine is that it can increase sensitivity in your skin if used for too long.4

How to Use Lidocaine Spray for Hemorrhoids

If you’re using a topical anesthetic spray like lidocaine to treat your hemorrhoids, make sure you’re following the directions carefully. Wash your hands before and after using the product, so it doesn’t accidentally transfer to somewhere like your nose or eye.

Remember that a lidocaine spray is only intended to treat external hemorrhoids and should not be used otherwise. Thankfully, an aerosol spray is easy to use and less messy than a cream: simply spray it on the affected area and experience relief from uncomfortable pain and itching.

There’s no reason for hemorrhoid pain to ruin your day. When you’re experiencing a flare-up, reach for Preparation H Rapid Relief Spray with Lidocaine for mess-free relief that helps numb pain and itching.

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