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Causes of Hemorrhoids

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids refer to a condition where the veins in the lower rectum and around the anus are swollen, dilated and inflamed (similar to varicose veins in legs). This can result in pain, itching, irritation, burning and sometimes bleeding – these symptoms indicate a flare-up. Common causes of hemorrhoids are:

  1. Straining during bowel movements

  2. Straining due to chronic constipation or diarrhea

  3. Sitting or standing for long periods of time

  4. Being overweight

  5. Pregnancy or childbirth

  6. Exerting yourself with heavy lifting

  7. Genetics because hemorrhoids can run in families

  8. Weakening of the connective tissue in the rectum and anus that occurs with age

For information on how to reduce the risk of hemorrhoid flare-ups, see Live Better.


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Did You Know


Did You Know?

  • Q: Are hemorrhoids hereditary?

    Yes, hemorrhoids tend to run in families. If anyone in your family has hemorrhoids, it’s a good idea for you to take care of your lifestyle and diet.