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Meet Peter

"I've had internal and external hemorrhoids for about 20 years now. They flare up about once a month. When I have a flare-up, I'm afraid to go out. It's very painful and sometimes there's blood. I'd just rather stay home. I feel alone—like I can't tell anyone."

"A few years ago, they got so bad I finally had to talk to my doctor. He explained me the options and told me about Preparation H."

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Peter Storie


How I Treat My Symptoms

"When the pain gets to be too much, I sometimes put an ice pack down there until the swelling goes down."

"During the day, I use Preparation H Multi-Symptom Pain Relief Cream. Sometimes I use it four times a day. At night, I use Preparation H Suppositories and that helps my internal and external hemorrhoid symptoms."

"Cleanliness is a big issue and extra wiping with dry tissue can irritate my skin. I like Preparation H Medicated Wipes to avoid irritation."

"By taking care of myself and using Preparation H throughout the day, I have seen a big difference in my symptoms. Last month, I was even able to attend my grandson’s birthday party without constantly worrying about the pain and itching."

Peter's Find Relief Situation