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Meet Maryann

"I've had hemorrhoids for about 10 years. They come and go, but I'm always on edge about them. They're embarrassing. For a long time, I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone about them, not even my doctor. My husband knew I had hemorrhoids but we didn't discuss it. When I had a flare-up, I didn't want anyone to touch me. I felt so dirty and I guess I felt ashamed. It was hard on our relationship."

"Finally, I talked to my doctor and she told me some ways to manage the pain and itching. I also learned that a lot of people have hemorrhoids and it's not something to be so embarrassed about. Now I can talk to my husband about how I'm feeling and I don't feel so alone."

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Maryann Storie


How I Treat My Symptoms

“My job is really stressful and time-consuming, so I have to work at finding time to take care of myself. When I watch what I eat and go to the gym, my hemorrhoids are definitely better."

“When I have to deal with hemorrhoids at work, I use an out-of-the-way bathroom so I can have some privacy. I started using Preparation H Cooling Gel and Totables Irritation Relief Wipes. They fit in my purse."

“I can't really tell when a flare-up is coming but I know my triggers—stress and constipation. During a flare-up I soak in the tub. It helps the swelling go down.”

Maryann`s Find Relief Situation