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Gus Storie
Gus Storie
Gus Storie
Gus Storie

Meet Gus

"I take pretty good care of myself. I watch what I eat, I
work out a couple times a week and I try not to stress out too much. But for the past year, I've had hemorrhoids on and off. I'm not sure what triggers the flare-ups, but I've read it could be from my diet or straining when weightlifting."


"My flare-ups can last up to a week. The worst part is not knowing when the next one will happen. I try not to let it affect my life, but sometimes it's hard. I travel a lot for work and I have two kids, so I can't really afford to have ‘down' days. I mean, who can?"


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See how Gus treats his symptoms
Gus Storie
How I Treat My Symptoms

"When I have a flare-up, it's painful and itchy. I hate it. Sometimes I have to take care of it while I'm at work.
I started using Preparation H® Multi-Symptom Pain Relief Cream and Totables® Irritation Relief Wipes because they're easy to stick in my pocket or gym bag. I don't want anyone to see them."

"I try to have regular bowel movements so I don't get constipated. Although I ate healthy before, I'm eating
more high-fiber foods now, like vegetables and whole grains, and drinking more water during the day."


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