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Meet Danielle

"After my daughter was born, I knew something was wrong down there but I didn't know what it was. My nurse told me I had hemorrhoids from pregnancy. When I came home, I couldn't sit, lay down or stand without being in extreme pain. I talked to my mom and some of my friends who had babies and they said it was normal and had happened to them, too."

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Danielle Storie


How I Treat My Symptoms

“I sat a lot while I was nursing, so I bought one of those donut-shaped cushions and tried to stand up and move around as often as possible."

“My doctor said that new moms can be constipated and that constipation can cause flare-ups, so I'm trying to eat better, drink lots of water and take walks. It all helps. To help relieve the pain, I sit in a warm, shallow bath and afterwards pat it dry. Then I gently pat on Preparation H Ointment for relief from painful burning and itching. My mom uses Preparation H and I do, too.”

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.

Danielle`s Find Relief Situation