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Do you ever feel like you’re alone with your hemorrhoid symptoms? While the physical aspect of hemorrhoids is painful, the emotional aspects can be even more distressing for some. In one study, 70% of people with hemorrhoids had a reduced feeling of well-being. People living with hemorrhoids describe feelings of embarrassment, isolation and shame as a result of their condition.

Meet some people just like you and see how they’re managing their symptoms.

42-year-old Gus worked out and watched what he ate. But last year, he had his first hemorrhoid.

Maryann has been dealing with hemorrhoid flare-ups for about 10 years and it's affected her relationship.

For 20 years, Peter has been trying to manage severe internal and external hemorrhoids.

After the birth of her son, Danielle left the hospital with a healthy baby and hemorrhoids.

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**The people in the photographs that appear on this Website are models and their images are being used for illustrative purposes only.